Widnes Football Club Supporters' Association 2 of 2

2. Summary of minutes from most recent meeting

The first-ever meeting of the Widnes Football Club Supporters' Club went ahead on Wednesday 19th April and was well attended.

Formalities and introductions were carried out early and a common passion for supporting the team was quickly established.

The group debated the types of supporter’s organisations available.

1. A club that work towards providing member services
2. An association which abides by the parent clubs constitution to provide support to promote the clubs values, the team spirit and members’ services.

An agreement was made to form an association which works for the benefit of the club the players and the fans.

An agreement was made to be known as:

Widnes Football Club Supporters Association

A committee was formed with the officials elected for a number of different roles.

Further discussion was held regarding membership requirements, fund raising ideas, increasing member numbers and how the group can best support the club and team.

Lots of talk about football followed, with the First Team’s recent performances and how everyone was excited about the first team’s promotion push and potential local derby’s for next season were discussed!

A further meeting was arranged for Wednesday 3rd May 2017 at Parklands. Potential new members are welcome.