Volunteers Welcome

Volunteers Welcome

An incredible amount of work goes on behind the scenes, Widnes Football Club is a community effort and survives thanks to the help of people who volunteer their time and effort. The more volunteers we have the more successful the club can be. If there is something you feel you can help then please get in touch. Specific roles that we need help with can be seen below.

Football is only half the story on a matchday and just as important is the larger matchday team. Widnes Football Club is in need of volunteers for the coming 2015/16 season at The Select Security Stadium. We require volunteers for the following positions:

  • Supporters Club Ambassadors
  • Fund-raising Secretary
  • Media Secretary
  • Schools Liaison Officer
  • Social Secretary
  • Match Day Photographer

If you can spare some of your time to help the club with any of these positions then please get in touch with the football club today.

Your suggestions are also welcome, if you feel you can bring something different to the match day experience at The Select Security Stadium this season please do be in touch, we would like to hear your suggestions.

Contact secretary@widnesfootballclub.co.uk


Volunteer Roles